With summer here, that means HOT temperatures and vacation times. We just want to stress that it’s crucial, vital, essential that you call us BEFORE you ship anything to us. We don’t want your items to be sitting in 80º - 90º heat if we’re out of town when they’re delivered.  So remember,
call before you ship!

Ravenel Freeze Dry is family owned and operated with 
over 18 years of experience -- specializing in freeze 
dry turkey heads

We offer freeze dried turkey heads as well as stock heads (when available).  Each head is skinned and then soaked in a moth proofing solution which eliminates insect problems. There are many poses available which gives the taxidermist a wide range of positions to choose from for mounting their customer’s turkeys.

We have extensive experience in the freeze-drying of turkey heads, reptiles, small mammals, velvet antlers, gator heads, and much more.  If the item you want to freeze dry is not listed on our Rates and Services page, please contact us for pricing and estimated turn around time.  Also, check our Shipping & Misc page for shipping suggestions on the best way to ship your specimens to us.

NOTE:  We do not freeze dry pet birds or wild birds such as doves, woodcocks or quail.  

 Adam Ravenel
(770) 262-4431
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