As of April 1 we are only taking in turkey heads, deer feet, velvet antlers & snakes.

Shipping Instructions

  • To cut down on shipping weight on turkey heads, trim off as much neck as possible. Neck and head inserts are used so it is not necessary to include the neck in the shipment.
  • It is essential for the quality of the final mount that the specimens be cold when we receive them.  Because shipments can take up to 3 days, it is important that the specimen be well insulated & frozen solid.
  • For turkey heads:  Freeze multiple heads together in a plastic bag and double bag or ship in a disposable water tight container insulated with house hold insulation, newspapers, styrofoam, etc.  It is very important that your package does not leak as it thaws.  If it leaks during shipment, there is a good possibility that the shipping company will throw away to prevent damage to other customers' packages.
  • Specimens should be shipped on Monday or Tuesday only.
  • DO NOT require a signature to make delivery.

Please include the following information in your shipment:

· Phone number\contact information.

· Mounting instructions for each specimen.

· Tag and identify each specimen.

·  Your name and address for return shipping.

Payments can be made with credit card, personal check or money order.

Contact Us

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Times are subject to change depending on season. Call before you come.